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Skip Hire team use hook loader and wheelie bin to sharpen their business performance – recruit the right employees for the right job in the UK waste sector

Sharpen Your Performance

We help Sharpen Your Business Performance by supplying experienced, motivated staff with the right skills to positively affect your bottom line. Whether you require tried and tested waste industry expertise or have recognised a need to bring in new skills from outside of the industry we can help no matter where you are in the UK.

Just a Few Reasons To Use Red Kite Waste

Recognised Red Kite Brand - A market leader in the waste recruitment arena with a reputation for excellence in service and known to deal fairly and honestly with people
Waste Sector Knowledge - Up to date knowledge of waste industry trends, processes, infrastructure and current challenges
The Red Kite Waste Database - Containing thousands of waste industry professionals covering all areas in the diverse waste management sector
Targeted Advertising Campaigns - SEO optimised advertising campaigns written according to proven advertising industry principles
Hot Candidates Web Page - Our Hot Candidates page is a real time list of our top candidates. Updated regularly our consultants publish their best candidates in real time
Access to Non-Industry Candidates -
Our database partners in Sales, Engineering, Logistics, Production, Manufacturing & Construction give us access to live candidates from outside the waste industry. The advent of the "Circular Economy" means new skills, ideas and thought processes will need to be brought in. We are ideally placed to bring fresh talent into your business to tackle the myriad challenges ahead
Retained Consultancy Services - Confidential, top level Search & Selection expertise for all Senior Appointments

The Red Kite Waste Network - "Network Theory" states that you are only ever 6 contact connections away from being linked to anyone else in the world. Our ever expanding Database, Industry Contacts and Social Media site partnerships mean we can quickly take those steps on your behalf making connections that put you in touch with those hard to find candidates with niche expertise

Experienced REC accredited consultants - Our team listen and consult ensuring that speaking to our consultants is a pleasure not a pain

How Are Red Kite Waste Different?

By and large the recruitment tool kit does not vary from consultancy to consultancy. So how do we differentiate ourselves in the busy recruitment market?

We are Masters of Our Trade

We firmly believe that its not the tools we use but how we use those tools. You could give any mechanic a set of spanners and ask him (or her) to fix your car. But only the master of their trade will swiftly:

                                                Identify the problem
                                      Use the right tools in the best way  
                                       Quickly have you back on the road
no time or money wasted

Ask the wrong mechanic and you'll waste time and money even though they use the same tools. We are Masters of Our Trade. Experts at utilising every recruitment tool at our disposal in the best way possible to ensure your vacancies are filled with the right person quickly and cost effectively

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Waste site supervisor is having fun with a giant bin. halve the size of your recruitment work load by getting the right people first time